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Linda P., NM

Aug 17, 2009 5:00:00 PM

Here is a story from Linda P. headed to New Mexico for fly fishing:

La Fresh goes fly fishing!

I have been fly fishing the beautiful San Juan river here in New Mexico for over 12 years. Basic amenities are something that you leave in the parking lot once you hike to the river. With that said, the visits to the bushes have certainly been upgraded with the addition of a few Feminine Hygiene wipes to my fishing vest. How compact and convenient! Like a good fishing rod, I don't go fishing without my wipes!

Great product!

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Nov 7, 2008 7:02:57 PM

Travel Inspirations


Posted by Eve Yen, president of La Fresh Group

Welcome to our new Travel Inspirations Blog, a.k.a. Me and La Fresh and Everywhere We Go on This is a place to share travel inspirations – what inspires you to travel and what inspires you while traveling. I can’t live without traveling. It recharges me for my daily life. How about you??

We encourage to you to share your stories, thoughts, experiences, tips, ideas and anything else you feel like about travel. All submissions should be sent to betsy {at} Writers of published submissions will receive a complimentary La Fresh Travel Kit!!

To kick of the blog, I’ll share one of my recent adventures… You can read the entry here.

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Elizabeth B. of Honlulu, HI

Oct 23, 2008 9:13:33 AM
Aloha from our friend in Hawaii! It appears that La Fresh product is worthy of entering a paradise!

Aloha La Fresh!
Since moving to Honolu, HI almost two months ago, my skin has never looked better. Somewhere in between Blacksburg, Virginia and Honolulu, I picked up a packet of La Fresh Makeup Remover towelette. I put off using it till yesterday because of my previous experience with make up remover towelettes(I won't mention names) have left my skin feeling less than desirable. I was very pleased La Fresh was not that way! I had just spent the evening swimming and steaming in the sauna and needed refreshing. La Fresh did it for me and it can keep doing it for me.
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Linda P. of Corrales, NM

Oct 23, 2008 9:02:12 AM
We don't encourage being forgetful, but sometimes, forgetting a thing or two does reward you in an unexpected way.

Here's a story from Linda.

I was visiting my sister in California last week when I realized that I had forgotton my facial soap. She handed me one of your make-up remover wipes informing me that this was the best product that she had ever used. She is 49, so if after all those years this was the best product she had ever used, I figured that I better try it. WOW - she was right. I absolutly love your product. Not only did it take off all of my make-up but left my skin clean, soft and feeling wonderful! I have just finished placing an order for, not only the make-up remover wipes but for the Hydrating Lotion and Female Hygiene wipes as well. I can't wait to start turning all my friends on to your products. I can honestly say that at age 55 your products are the best I have ever used!

Linda continues to be a cheerleader for La Fresh, telling others about our products at her work and gym.
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