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NBC’s Jeff Rossen may not be the “go-to” person for making your guest feel welcome with his recent series of Hotel Secrets.

What your guest wants to know about your establishment is that you are not on the offenders list of dirty hotels or employee housekeeping with less than stellar attention to detail.

When guest book rooms online, they have a lot of options. One thing that can sway consumer confidence is user reviews.

People who’ve stayed at your establishment are the best ambassadors for generating new and repeat business to your hotel.

There is one sure way for small businesses to get the upper hand in building customer loyalty and repeat business, but few businesses actually do it.

Put this practice firmly into your day to day business activities and you may have an advantage over the rest of the competition.

Successful businesses realize the lifetime value of their clientele is by doing things that most business are not willing to do or do poorly.

If your business can just do what is needed instead of what you want to do, you can accomplish a lot.

When a consumers gets what they need in a business environment, they'll go beyond the scope what is expected to tell friends and revisit your business.

From a bussines perspective 'Going the extra mile' does not require a massive effort on your part. If you put forth only 5% of your daily effort, a small goal can be easily attained.

Providing Antibacterial Wipes as an amenity along with Makeup Remover, Shampoo or Lotion, is a gesture that your guest will appreciate, even if your housekeeping staff is top notch.  photo F1081P_Antibacterial_Wipe_Single-1.jpg

Doing this small additional guesture can produce impressive results by the end of the average calendar month.

Did your chain of franchise receive a bad review or does your staff have a problem getting things done? Then don't be satisfied with another day gone and your goals not met.

Put forth that small extra effort on a regular basis and you will begin seeing the procative results in the form of positive feedback and reviews.

Going the extra mile is part of a small business success mindset.

It's your business, you are ultimately responsible for the results. Setting deadlines for yourself and writing down your goals makes it easier to go the extra mile.

You can set goals for the entire staff and update the progress daily, if your are a small or medium size hotel.

Many times you will see that by the end of the day you are very close to meeting your goal. You can now go your extra mile because you know it is only going to take a small amount of extra effort.

Going the extra mile will enable you to reach more of your goals. This allows you to 'raise the bar' on your new goals, creating growth in your business. Growth does wonders for your attitude and that of your guests and makes the road to success more enjoyable.

What's the bottom line on going the extra mile? More repeat business for your hotel and making marketing your business as a standout performer easier.

More bookings and better business reviews. And you'll get what you want a lot faster when you are willing to do what others hotels are not.